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Scuba Therapy Program

Our 3 Step Program

Undersea Warriors uses a 3-step program to introduce and guide Veterans and First Responders through recreational/adaptive and marine conservation diving in a gradual and controlled manner to give them the opportunity to experience the sense of peace that comes from Scuba activities along with a sense of purpose  - marine conservation. 

Step 1. The process begins with a the Open Water Scuba Diver course which requires the Veterans and First Responders to perform supervised dives in a pool first and then open water such as a lake. During this step, the participants are introduced to the serene and tranquil world under the surface of the water which has been proven to reduce PTSD, anxiety or depression symptoms by 80%.

Step 2.  Next the participants are certified as Enriched Air (NITROX) divers, the 2nd most popular scuba certification. The air we breath is 21% oxygen, but in scuba diving, those with this certification can have the oxygen content in their tank increased from 21% up to 36% which permits longer dives and more time interacting with aquatic life.

Step 3. Our mission is to not only provide the Veterans and First Responders the training to participate in an activity with proven health benefits but to give them a sense of purpose as well by participating in marine conservation efforts. This program provides the Veterans and First Responders an opportunity to socialize with fellow veterans and scuba divers while impacting the environment. The conservation divers remove plastic and other waste from rivers, lakes and the ocean. Additionally, they will have opportunities to dive in aquariums and interact with fish, dolphins and turtles while cleaning the tanks.