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Veteran Testimonials

Jason Kugler, US Army Veteran

"I served as an Infantryman in the United States Army for just over 9yrs with two combat tours to Iraq. I was wounded in my first tour as well as my platoon being in a mass casualty situation a month before being wounded. After getting out it seemed like everything hit me at once, I was struggling to find things that would help distract or ease my mind. I was approached by Karl and Zack, asking if I had ever thought about scuba - I jumped on board. Every dive got better and better. Before this, I struggled with sleeping, finding excitement in day to day things, but the days we were diving, exactly opposite. I slept harder than I had in years, and was excited to tackle the day. I'm forever thankful for this opportunity and introducing me to this." - Jason Kugler

Zack & Angel Alexander, USMC Veteran Family

Scuba diving changed my husband's  life by giving him a way to cope with his combat PTSD. His life changed the moment he scuba dived for the very first time. If I am being completely honest with you, I was very happy when he got his scuba diving certification but at the same a little jealous because I also wanted to be part of the recreational diving world. I wanted to be part of his underwater adventures and experience the inner peace and relaxation he would come home and tell me about. 

Reality kicked in a little too quickly when I realized that it was a bit expensive to get certified to be part of the diving world. That did not stop my deep fascination with the underwater world, and just the thought of being completely surrounded by water and beautiful sea creatures is a feeling that I could only imagine and picture as indescribable. 

A few months after my husband told me that I was chosen and got sponsored by Karl with Undersea  Warriors as a scuba buddy for him. The very first sponsored by the organization. W H A T? My heart filled with gratefulness, joy and excitement to start the experience and eventually being able to dive hand in hand with my husband. From the moment I took my first underwater breath and started to descend it completely changed my life, it was as if nothing else mattered. I was completely in the moment FOR ONCE! The negative thoughts, the depression, the anxiety were all gone.  It was me with the weightlessness that surrounded me, under the waves were all I could  hear were bubbles as the feeling of euphoria and adrenaline rushed in, feeling blessed to be there doing something I immediately grew a deeper love to. 

Having the privilege of escaping the busy day to day life, our mental illnesses and stigmas by being surrounded in a nonjudgmental environment where you are most definitely not the alpha predator gives you a different perspective in life, a perspective of caring for our sea life, creating a reconnection with Mother Earth and a whole different reality of the wonderful  unexplored creatures under the waves. 2021 has definitely been a happier and healthier year for me and our family & Undersea Warriors made that possible for us and it is because of this that I want to help introduce as many people as possible to be part of the undersea adventures for many years to come.  

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Karl!  It is greatly appreciated what you are doing for our veterans and their families!

Angel Nicoll Alexander

Arturo Lantigua, US Navy Veteran

I’m not as versed as many, I struggle with mental health and trying to find solace or as I would say the friends I never had because most of them got thru their ranks and could not stay in contact.

The opportunity that Karl gave me, has given me the freedom scuba brings to people with mental health problems. It gave me a purpose and I’m contemplating becoming a scuba instructor which soon I’ll start on that path.

Again undersea warriors has given me the opportunity to realize there is more out there.

Thanks Karl 

Derek Haas, Active Duty Navy

My experience with Undersea Warriors was phenomenal. I have always wanted to learn how to SCUBA dive and they helped me get there. Not only did I learn how to dive, but it also greatly helped with my anxiety. Underwater you don't have to worry about life's stressors. Bills, relationship issues, family life, work, deployments ... none of those come to mind when you are diving so you get to experience a peace that is hard to find. An excellent program and crew I would recommend to any active duty/veteran struggling!

Greg Winjum, US Army Veteran

Everyday my leg would hurt relentlessly. The first time diving I was hoping for any relief but what I got was so much more. Before I went out I was apprehensive as I had to turn off my implant which helps with my leg pain before I went in. While diving I didn't even notice anything with my legs. After the dive I had so much pain relief that I forgot I even needed to turn my spinal implant back on. In short diving helped so much more then I expected and I am recommending all my friends with similar issues to give it a try.