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Frequent Questions


  1. What are the qualifications to be eligible for this program?

    • Provide proof of service-related PTSD, anxiety or depression diagnosis
    • Swim 200 yards without any swim or buoyancy aids
    • Float or tread in water too deep to stand for ten (10) minutes. The student's face must remain clear of the water for the duration of the exercise
    • Obtain physician's medical approval

  2. Do you have a schedule of dates for classes?

    We do not have any set dates at this moment. We prefer to work with our Veteran and Dive Buddy teams to find a date that accommodates them.

  3. What is the minimum age for Dive Buddies

    Yes, they must be 12 years old and they can only dive with a Guardian after completing the certification per scuba safety guidelines.

  4. Is a Dive Buddy mandatory?

    No, a Veteran can enroll in the program by their self, but we recommend a dive buddy to help encourage the Veteran or First Responder out of self isolation and interacting with others.