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Our Mission

Healing Veterans suffering from service-related PTSD via adaptive (amputated/paralyzed limb or spinal cord injury), recreational and marine conservation diving. Undersea Warriors pays for the Veteran's and Dive Buddy's Open Water Diver and Nitrox (Enriched Air) online course, rental gear and instructor fees in addition to providing the Veteran and their Dive Buddy an allowance to buy their personal gear (snorkel, mask, fins and boots). The only time the Veteran or Dive Buddy will pay for anything is if their personal gear choices exceeds the personal gear allowance.

This PTSD treatment is backed by a research study completed by Johns Hopkins University and the Cody Unser First Step Foundation. In 2011, Dr. Adam Kaplin and Cody Unser completed a scuba research study on ten paralyzed Veterans suffering from PTSD by having them complete their Open Water Diver scuba course certification. Over the four-day course, the Veterans completed several dives and noticed an 80% reduction in their PTSD symptoms. Additionally, they reported an average 15 percent reduction in muscle spasticity, an average 10 percent increase in sensitivity to light touch and five percent increase to pinprick. In some individual the improvement in tone, sensation or motor function was between 20 and 30 percent. All of these results lasted from weeks to months.

Core Values

Committed: We will not be deterred in healing Veterans suffering from combat-related PTSD from mental or physical injuries via adaptive (amputated/paralyzed limb or spinal cord injury), recreational and marine conservation diving. 

Supportive: You will NOT suffer alone anymore! We will be there for you in person or via technological means to help you through the dark times. 

Family: The moment you took your oath of service, you became Family; you are seen as Brothers and Sisters, we will pray for you, worry about you, and love you unconditionally. 

Eco-Conscious: The ocean ecosystem is critically endangered due to pollution and global warming. We will take our oath to “Support and Defend” and apply it to the mission of saving this critical ecosystem.


A world where no Veteran suffers from PTSD


Immersed in Peace and Purpose