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Medical Research

Undersea Warriors stands apart from the other nonprofits in our commitment to perform additional research studies on how scuba reduces PTSD, anxiety or depression symptoms while scuba diving. This medical discovery can aid treatment programs for victims of sexual assault, bullying/cyber-bullying, physical and emotional abuse.

We are working with some of the best in their fields to conduct a medical research study on the impact scuba diving has on PTSD symptoms. The team is listed below:

Dr. Mark Cole Ph.D., Population Health Program Manager, NeuGen Health

Dr. Adam Kaplin, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer, MyMD Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Jennifer Robinson, Ph.D., Psychology, Auburn University

Dr. Kendall Brune, Ph.D., Healthcare Admin, Board Chair Arise Veterans Foundation

Dr. Ryan Rogers, Ph.D., President, PTSD Foundation of America

Dr. Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D., Director of Research, Diver Alert Network

Dr. Meghan Beier, Ph.D., Neuro-Psychologist, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Robert Furberg, Ph.D., Senior Clinical Informaticist, Research Triangle Institute International