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Photo of CWO2 Karl "Junior" Whiteman Founder / President Undersea Warriors in full Uniform

CWO2 Karl "Junior" Whiteman
Founder / President Undersea Warriors

Every year 8,030 Veterans yearly see no escape from the torment of PTSD and decide to end their own lives each year. This should be no surprise since these professions subject the Veterans to constant and unrelenting exposure to traumatic events. These events include being in combat, pulling people from accident scenes, trying to save people from life threatening injuries, or witnessing the wounds from abusive relationships. Warriors try to compartmentalize these tragic events, loss of limbs, death and the sight of the horror and focus on the good and positive things, but the constant barrage slowly erodes their emotional defense and they develop PTS.  

Undersea Warriors was founded by a 20-year Navy Veteran, Karl Whiteman, call sign Junior, (pictured right), who knows first-hand the struggles related to PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety and a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.  Families, who are often forgotten about, also suffer from the invisible wounds of war.  His wife, Patti, son, Dakota, and daughter, Kaylinn, know first-hand the suffering one goes through daily with PTSD, are intimately affected by it, which drives their own personal mission to find a cure. Or if a cure is not found, to significantly reduce symptoms, in-order-to create a more enjoyable life. It was a Discover Scuba Class that Karl went on that opened his eyes to the benefits of scuba therapy and fueled the desire to use it to heal fellow Veterans. This desire to heal those who serve and now suffer from PTSD is what motivated the Whiteman family to found Undersea Warriors.

Karl is a Master Scuba Diver and working on becoming a professional diver by completing the Dive Master qualification. He completed Merchant Marine Credentials qualifying him as a Captain of vessels up to 100 gross tons. He received his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelors in Management from Wayland Baptist University.